Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Career: A Bright Future Ahead

Careers, such as pharmaceutical sales representative, in the medical field are growing at an unprecedented rate due to the aging population and scientific advancements. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments fuel similar job growth for sales of these products. If someone is considering pharmaceutical sales as a career choice, here is some information to help in that decision.

What Does a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Do?

A pharmaceutical salesperson is a representative of a drug or biotechnology corporation who is assigned the job of developing contacts in the medical field for the purposes of selling that companyís goods or services. This requires expert knowledge of the products that are promoted. The sales representative calls on doctors, hospital staff, and clinic administrators to provide samples and technical or prescribing information on the products that are marketed by the agentís employer.

Whatís on a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Description?

The representative is required to do an extensive amount of travel, both locally and overnight. He or she maintains sales, and appointment and expense records. The representative must also stay current about medical and legal issues pertinent drugs or technologies. Reps sometimes conduct workshops and seminars on occasion to train or explain new drugs, devices, and procedures to medical staff training.

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What Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs Are Available?

In addition to sales, an experienced agent is often promoted to the position of regional or district manager. The representative may also find herself or himself in the role of a trainer, mentoring newer representatives or those experiencing difficulty. Senior representatives are called upon to function as business development agents exploring new markets or assist in advancing programs for new medications or equipment.

How Long Is the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Training?

Training may take seven to 12 months to complete depending on the company, product sophistication, size of product line, and previous education. The first two to six months focuses on the serious and involved study of anatomy and physiology, especially as it relates to the productís effect on the body. Afterwards, the new pharmaceutical sales representative spends a month or two shadowing an experienced sales rep or manager. This is followed by several more weeks of training in sales at the home office.

What Is the Salary?

Different pharmaceutical and biotech companies offer a wide range in the total salary packages depending on how it tracks sales and how bonuses are structured. Typical entry-level base salaries for pharmaceutical sales representative run from $30,000 to $45,000 per year, but sales bonuses can double or triple that amount. It isnít unheard of for an agent to make a six-figure income relatively quickly. Other benefits may include a company vehicle and an expense account.

The pharmaceutical sales representative job is ideally suited for someone with a bachelorís degree and a strong interest or aptitude in science or medicine. Pursuing a career as a sales rep for a drug or biotech company is one of the quickest and surest ways to make a great living and achieve a secure future.

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