What Types of Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs Are Available?

Sales jobs in any industry concentrate on one thing: sales. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, however, may offer or assign other jobs to pharmaceutical sales representatives or seek new hires to fill a number of positions that may require sales to take on secondary importance. These may include positions in training, education, regulatory affairs, and management.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs in Healthcare Training

Pharmaceutical sales representatives routinely conduct in-service training sessions for doctors, nurses, or other staff members to help them effectively diagnose conditions and use the therapies appropriately. Sessions could focus on the latest developments in treatment protocol or the use of equipment. Representatives are also sent to seminar locations where they may give presentations to healthcare students. Busy doctors routinely use the pharmaceutical representatives as a source of prescribing information.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs in Sales Training

Employers may select successful pharmaceutical sales representatives to become full-time trainers. New or inexperienced agents require mentoring because of the volume of information they must learn and apply. This position may consist of teaching in a classroom or in a less formal setting while in the field. Training representatives are also called on to recruit and interview new representatives.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs in Management

A pharmaceutical sales representative with a proven track record is best qualified for a position in management. Identifying trends, promoting, and recognizing talent in the sales force, and maintaining legal and regulatory requirements are part of his or her duties. District or regional managers will also function in a business development role; designing or overseeing new marketing strategies and expanding the company’s presence into new geographical areas.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs in Regulatory Affairs

The legal landscape in the medical and biotechnology fields changes almost as fast as companies announce new developments. A pharmaceutical sales representative can serve as a liaison between the company and an institution or a governmental body. The representative is in the unique position of understanding the intersection of theory and practice; he or she can offer feedback on the best strategies to achieve legal and regulatory compliance or how policy changes can improve conformity.

Pharmaceutical Representatives as a Clinical Specialist

A clinical specialist functions as support personnel for the sales staff and receives specialized technical training in the discipline associated with the employer’s therapy. The job function of the specialist is to perform screenings and tests to recommend appropriate treatment for patients. Clinical specialists are commonly found working for firms that market medical equipment used in treatment, diagnosis, or patient maintenance. A pharmaceutical representative specialist may also serve to deliver and set up equipment sold to healthcare providers.

The pharmaceutical sales representative will probably function in one or more of these areas as he or she gains experience and tenure even if he or she is not officially promoted. The company may choose to have a sales representative focus on one of these roles or to dedicate his or her career to it, depending on skill and educational background. One thing is for certain; whatever role a representative fills, challenges and rewards await.

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